Cold Slimming Gel



Particularly recommended in addition to the care of the silhouette, the Cold Slimming Gel aims at both the slimming or the remodelling of the body. It is used in normal application or in ultrasound therapy session where it facilitates the transmission of ultrasound while diffusing its slimming active ingredients. Thanks to the joint action of menthol and alcohol, the Cold Slimming Gel, on the principle of cryotherapy (lowering the temperature of the body surface), softens the tissues and promotes the penetration of active ingredients (guaranine, caffeine). It facilitates local consumption of calories for an immediate visible effect.
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Use in massage, in small quantities (30 ml), on the part to be treated, until complete penetration of the product. In ultrasound therapy, apply a thick layer of gel.


Essential oils of thyme, peppermint and eucalyptus. Vegetable extracts of guarana, fucus, ivy. Camphor, menthol and caffeine.

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